Posted: 22-04-2021

With continuous efforts to overcome challenges in 2020, Hung Thinh Corporation was named in three categories announced by CareerBuilder Vietnam. This result confirms the efficiency of improvement and focuses on investment in activities to attract talent, develop excellent human resources and create an ideal working environment for employees.

"Best Employers of Choice 2020" is an annual non-profit survey conducted by CareerBuilder Vietnam with the methodological sponsorship of reputable partner named Amco Vietnam market research company, attracted 31,588 respondents. Participants nationwide from many different ages and occupations.

Under 2020 survey result, Hung Thinh Corporation is honored to be present in 3 categories: Top 10 Best Employers of Choice - Real Estate - Rental Industry, Top 10 Employers most voted a by internal employees, Top 100 Best Employers of Choice.

Nhà tuyển dụng được yêu thích nhất năm 2020
Certificate of Hung Thinh Corporation honored in Best Employers of Choice 2020 announced by CareerBuilder Vietnam


This result confirmed the correct strategy of the Corporation when having considered human resource development as a top priority for nearly 20 years. In 2020, in the context of the human resources market strongly affected by Covid-19 epidemic, the personnel size of the whole Corporation will increase by 15.6% compared to 2019 to meet the continuous growth. This has also clearly demonstrated the clear efficiency of Hung Thinh's strong digital transformation and restructuring process, especially its impressive business result and the remarkable growth rate in 2020 - a year with many fluctuations and challenges.

In addition, the Corporation always maintains the best welfare policy system for the workforce, marked with many meaningful activities such as periodic health check, stroke risk screening, giving free injection program vaccination with more than 14,000 doses of Covid-19 prevention vaccine for employees and families (including spouses, children and parents of officers and employees of the whole Corporation) to share the budget burden with the State, incentives when buying the Corporation's apartment products ... In particular, the salary and bonus incomes that are always guaranteed at a competitive level compared to the market is one of the very attractive advantages upon working for Hung Thinh.


Nhà tuyển dụng được yêu thích nhất năm 2020
Officers - Employees receive great support when buying apartment products of Hung Thinh Corporation


Nhà tuyển dụng được yêu thích nhất năm 2020
Hung Thinh Corporation honors individuals, collectives and member units who have made many contributions to the development of the Corporation in 2020


Officers and employees of the whole Corporation are always encouraged to be proactively creative and actively learn and practice. In 2020, the Corporation organized more than 100 internal training programs, especially promoted online courses for more than 11,000 students, thereby improving skills, knowledge and working capacity for staff.

Moreover, with the policy of honoring and attracting talents, the Board of Directors always recognizes the dedication to building a clear promotion roadmap for officers and employees, creating conditions for employees to develop a sustainable career and attach in a long term in a leading major enterprise in Vietnam.

Hung Thinh Corporation has currently gathered nearly 3,400 officers and employees in many provinces, more than 100 member units, 5 representative offices and a system of 11 real estate trading floors, owned more than 100 diverse projects nationwide. With a large scale, a happy working environment and an attractive personnel policy that is highly appreciated by professionals and the workforce community, Hung Thinh Corporation deserves to be included in the ranking of Best Employers of Choice 2020 of CareerBuilder Vietnam

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