Posted: 24-02-2021

On February 18, 2021, the State agreed with the guideline of buying and using Covid-19 vaccine for the entire population with the main budget from the State budget. However, Hung Thinh Corporation still decided to finance 100% of the cost of Covid-19 vaccination for employees and their families (including spouses, children and parents of employees of the Corporation), which demonstrated the responsibility to employees and sharing of the budget burden with the State.

Hung Thinh is currently working with the supplier - Vietnam Vaccine Joint Stock Company (VNVC) as well as the competent authorities to soon implement Covid-19 vaccination program for all employees and their relatives as regulated. It is expected that total number of vaccines registered by Hung Thinh Corporation to buy and finance vaccination for free is up to 14,000 doses.

As soon as a new outbreak of the epidemic with dangerous variants appeared, Hung Thinh tightened safety measures at all workplaces. A series of recommendations aimed at ensuring the Covid-19 prevention and fighting during Tet occasion such as limiting travel; using safe travel means in very necessary case to return home; allowing working from home for the cases going to/ from epidemic zones has been applied seriously. At the same time, the Corporation's Information Technology Division quickly developed software for all employees to register, declare and update their travel schedules during the Tet occasion in order to strictly comply with the regulations on epidemic prevention and fighting.


Tập đoàn Hưng Thịnh sẽ tiêm miễn phí hơn 14.000 liều vắc-xin Covid-19 cho cán bộ nhân viên và người thân
Hung Thinh staff seriously updated the travel schedule on the Tet occassion

Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung shared: “For us, the work of ensuring health, safety and peace of mind for our staff is the top concern. There is a policy of using the State budget to buy and use vaccines for the entire population, but Hung Thinh and many enterprises are willing to pay the cost of vaccination for employees and even their relatives, which is not only the necessary response to protect human - the most valuable asset of each enterprise, but also the responsibility for sharing with the State, the community and the whole society, adding a vaccine shield, our fight against the epidemic will surely continue to be steadier and more successful.

Under the influence of Covid-19, despite of the challenging year of 2020, Hung Thinh Corporation still flourished, brought to the market nearly 7,000 products of 10 projects and achieved many good results in the process of powerful restructuring and digital transformation. Hung Thinh is proud to be in the Top 10 Sustainable Enterprises in Vietnam 2020 as well as in the Top 100 Best Workplaces in Vietnam 2020, marked with a series of meaningful welfare policies to care for officers, employees and their relatives. Salary and bonus incomes are always guaranteed with Tet bonus rate in 2020 higher than the previous year. Accordingly, the average bonus rate for typical employees is 3 months of net salary, while excellent individuals enjoy 5 months of net salary (up to VND 1 billion).


Tập đoàn Hưng Thịnh sẽ tiêm miễn phí hơn 14.000 liều vắc-xin Covid-19 cho cán bộ nhân viên và người thân
Hung Thinh Corporation just awarded the Cobas® 4800 v2.0 automatic Real-time PCR testing machine with the value of nearly VND 5.3 billion to HCDC

Hung Thinh Corporation is also one of the leading units in accompanying the country to control and repel Covid-19 with total funding of nearly VND 50 billion in 2020. Starting a New Year of 2021, following practical activities, recently on February 17, 2021, Hung Thinh awarded the first automatic Covid-19 testing machine in Ho Chi Minh City valued nearly VND 5.3 billion to the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control (HCDC), reducing 30% - 40% of the time for showing result compared to the existing methods.


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