Posted: 12-02-2021

Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation, Nguyen Dinh Trung affirmed that technology helps create a more transparent real estate market, bring more opportunities to customers and investors.

Hung Thinh is one of 10 sustainable trade and service enterprises in 2020, as voted by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. For the past year, despite facing many common difficulties of the economy and the real estate market, this group still maintained its growth with a strong development scale, achieved the target results and actively participated in activities, joining hands to prevent epidemics.

On the eve of the New Year 2021, Hung Thinh Corporation’s Chairman Nguyen Dinh Trung shared his ambitions and expectations for the new year. These are especially important plans for the Corporation after a year of stepping through Covid-19 "storm".

- We experienced an unprecedented year of global upheaval. How are your feeling at this time when welcoming another New Year season during the epidemic?

- I still remember when having just finished the Lunar New Year of the Rat last year, the dazed and puzzled feeling covered from the newspapers to the atmosphere at the enterprise. Everyone worried, even fear, but still had to work. With a cautious but determined mind, we know we are entering the "wartime". The entire staff raced against time and saw every day as a day of fighting with full strength, full capacity and high determination. A series of decisions was implemented to both fight against the epidemic and ensure sales and project development activities. We "raced" so fast that our partners felt surprised.

That "war" makes a lot of things change and adjust. And in difficult times, we find we have faith. It is the faith in new ways of doing, new initiatives that will open up not only to Hung Thinh Corporation or the real estate industry, but also to the economy with more sustainable development models.

This year's New Year is different because we already know what we're dealing with. Therefore, more careful preparation has been made and the strategic moves this year will also be different from the "new wind". It is not just a new product, a new project, but a huge ecosystem at which technology is central. I hope to "make it happen" this year.


- Specify the new target, “new wind” that you just mentioned?

- During the review ceremony 2018 of the Corporation, I mentioned the idea of developing a C2C (client-to-client) real estate trading platform that was transparent, professional and dedicated for everybody. This is not an information site or a sales page solely for the Corporation but will be a platform with comprehensive functions, supporting real estate trading activities for all users.

Similar to Youtube, Facebook or Grab, the real estate technology platform of Hung Thinh can help make transactions more transparent and convenient to speed up transactions and maximize sales activities in the market. This will be a new driving force of the sharing economy to promote social development.

Currently, the Vietnamese market hasn’t had such a real platform but only real estate information sites, then buyers, consultants or brokers contact outside and deploy the following steps out of the platform. That means we are still lacking and there is a great opportunity to exploit this field. Currently, 80% of the stages have been completed by Hung Thinh and it’s expected to launch this platform in March or April this year.

- From a real estate business, why do you want to step into the technology sector?

In fact, two years ago, Hung Thinh started to choose a direction associated with technology but it was too late compared to the era. Developed countries like the US and Europe have been gone ahead of us for at least 20 years. Education and technology are the foundations that they have cultivated and developed very strongly for the past years. We have no way but to work hard to catch up with.

I'm not a tech professional but I have faith that with my know-how about the profession and high determination, I will take advantage of the achievements of technology to better solve issues, problems of the real estate market as well as of the society. It is important that we, together with the partners and the Corporation, will step by step change the mindset in the traditional approach of the real estate business, creating a truly effective real estate trading solution and beneficial for customers as well as society.

"Technology will solve common issues, problems and" pain "of society and the real estate market."
Ông Nguyễn Đình Trung
Chủ tịch Tập đoàn Hưng Thịnh
Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trung
Chairman of Hung Thinh Corporation

Richmond City apartments of Hung Thinh Corporation

- In your opinion, is the market ready for this real estate technology platform?

- This game is similar to the ways in which applications call technology vehicles to enter Vietnam. Initially we see new things, experiment with use and realize its benefits, now it has become a habit. Likewise, I believe Vietnam is ready for the real estate technology game. Of course we don't want to design a website, a very different platform and pride ourselves on being unique. We want a user-friendly platform to help them solve their "pain", problems with real estate transactions, how to make it for anyone from the city to the countryside, from the workers. ordinary to intellectuals can use and benefit.

- For you, will this be the "trump card" or a supplementary tool for product development?

With this platform, the market will look at real estate from a different perspective - friendlier and more accessible, opening up a huge ecosystem not only limited to real estate but also finance and spending. use, join forces to invest ... and also apply blockchain to real estate. To me technology is the trend, and importantly, I want to change the way we work. From the initiative, enthusiasm and determination, I believe I can promote the real estate market in a more transparent, convenient and better direction, especially bringing more benefits to customers. 

Project Cam Ranh Mystery Villas of Hung Thinh Corporation


- How will the market considers Hung Thinh this year?

- Vietnam is fortunate that the control of Covid-19 has been implemented effectively, which is highly appreciated by the international community. This gives us a great position in the world and helps businesses feel secure when doing business. This year, however, I think the challenge is still very big. Therefore, with a mind that is both cautious and determined and flexible, we are ready to conquer new goals.

Real estate development philosophy of Hung Thinh Corporation always focuses on real needs. That has always been my dream and also my destination. It is difficult but not as easy as it sounds. As a business, the profit story still needs to be discussed. But we always try our best to do the best we can in every product, every step from land, design, planning, construction ... to do with conscience, preserve prestige as preserving people.

We don't want to shout about our brand's goals or image to promote, but we want to focus on our job of making the best products for our customers. With real estate technology background, I am very happy that I can bring a new wind to Vietnam and in the region. I hope I can do it to prove that Vietnam can completely be a bright spot in real estate technology in the world.

After Covid-19, the Group's product development orientation was also broader, especially building a second home for customers. We are currently developing many projects in potential areas to create comfortable residential or resort areas that meet new living standards for residents with easy transport connections. Just imagine, in the morning we go to work in the city center, in the afternoon we will relax in a peaceful space, with good connection and full facilities. That will be the life many customers are looking for. Besides, I also hope that the policy problem of supporting home buyers and real estate businesses will be resolved more quickly. In that problem, we are still trying to find the solution to the best of our ability.

Right after New Year holiday, the new platform will be launched, expected in March or April. This is not only a "dry" technology project but for Hung Thinh Corporation, it is a new driving force, something. New to the real estate market, is the hope that comes out of the Covid-19 "storm" towards a transparent, convenient, efficient, and special real estate market that brings more value. more for customers.



3D perspective of a subdivision at the MerryLand project
Quy Nhon of Hung Thinh Corporation


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